Alex Haynes
19 days ago
Wrapping up my stay from the lower level theatre room at Mackey Mansion on Lake Lanelle. @tiffanielanelle has been a tremendous host while I’ve been home!
Alex Haynes
4 months ago
I’d imagine that part of the reason CNN’s ratings continue to slip is because they’re routinely asking Republicans what Democrats could learn about increasing their poll favorability instead of asking them why they are intent on deliberately losing over and over again.

Media clings to the polls because it’s the only metric that they can validate with data. They don’t always align with final decisions & they account for their cultural lack by citing margin of error. People may tell you how they feel today — that’s not an indication of anything aside from how they feel TODAY.
Tiffanie Lanelle
6 months ago
Finally got a chance to watch #leavetheworldbehind
Ummm…I have thoughts and concerns.
No spoilers.

1. We’re not as far as I’d like us to be from this. I’ll leave that there…
2. Rose…ooo girl

For full discussion text me 😂
Just know when I see more signs…
Tiffanie Lanelle
12 months ago
Now you people were talking about #From so I just started it…I needed more of a warning
1 yr. ago
Museum of Modern Art apologizes for ejecting a Black artist from its ‘Black Power Naps’ exhibit

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