Yapper was created—by Black creators—to expand, uplift and enable full human expression. Lots of words for us just believing in people. Open, honest, furthers our progression in the world.

We’ve spearheaded innovation and change in the world for centuries – and somehow find ourselves on the outskirts looking in and too often asking for permission, to just be. This space was created for us to be just that – well deserved equity, that we own.

Yapper is for everybody.

But we hold no punches. Our long-term plan is to serve the community. Our community is expansive, so it includes everybody. We don’t tolerate bigotry, hatred or misogyny, that said, your account will be banned and your activity block if we suspect abuse. We’re in BETA right now and don’t plan to be fully open until Summer 2023.


Yapper is a subsidiary of Unmutedco. For more information, visit www.unmutedco.com


We are working to commission the Board of Yaps – and oversight committee to assist with our long-term roadmap, planning and safety. The Board of Yaps is a closed board, members serve two-year terms.