Cookies and similar technologies such as pixels and local storage enhance your experience on Yapper. These technologies are utilized to operate our services, including our websites, applications, APIs, pixels, embeds, and email communications. Specifically, Yapper uses these technologies to:

1. Keep you logged in to Yapper.
2. Provide features and functionality of Yapper services.
3. Save and honor your preferences.
4. Personalize the content you see.
5. Protect you against spam and abuse.
6. Show you more relevant ads.
7. Offer subscription features and distribute certain content.
8. Understand how you interact with our services and identify areas for improvement.
9. Measure the effectiveness of our advertising and marketing efforts.
10. Assess the performance of our services and identify bugs and other quality issues.
11. Gather data to operate our business, such as measuring audience size and enforcing Yapper Rules.

What are cookies, pixels, and local storage?

Why do our services use these technologies?

Where are these technologies used?

What are my privacy options?

More privacy options

What are cookies, pixels, and local storage?

Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer while browsing the web or using web-enabled apps. We utilize cookies to operate our services, understand how people use them, and improve their functionality. Examples of how we use cookies are provided above.

Pixels are snippets of code found on web pages, web-enabled apps, or emails. We use pixels, some of which are provided to advertisers for placement on their web properties, to determine interactions with specific web or email content. This allows us to measure and improve our services and personalize your experience, including the ads and content you encounter.

Local storage is used to store data on your computer or mobile device. We use data from local storage to enable web navigation, maintain video player preferences, customize content based on your interactions with our services, remember your preferences, and measure ad effectiveness. We may also utilize local storage on other websites when necessary to provide certain features or gather information about your visits to those sites.

Why do our services use these technologies?

Cookies, pixels, and local storage are crucial for operating and supporting our business and providing you with an enhanced experience. They are utilized in the following categories:

1. Authentication and security
2. Functionality
3. User preferences
4. Analytics
5. Research and development
6. Personalized content
7. Advertising
8. Marketing
9. Personalization across devices

Within each category, these technologies help us achieve the following:

Authentication and security
- Authenticate your access to Yapper and display relevant content
- Enhance security and protect against unauthorized access
- Restrict access to exclusive content
- Detect and prevent spam, abuse, and violations of Yapper Rules

- Deliver error messages and enable account switching
- Coordinate services across browser tabs
- Provide specific features on partner websites

User preferences
- Remember browser information and user preferences

- Improve understanding of service usage, including buttons and widgets
- Enhance user experience based on interactions with our services, such as frequency of use and visited links (we may utilize Google Analytics for this purpose)
- Count the number of people viewing specific posts, embedded content, buttons, or timelines

Research and development
- Gather data about service usage to detect issues and identify areas for improvement or develop new products and services
- Test updates, features, functionality, and services

Personalized content
- Personalize services, including trends, stories, ads, and suggestions, with relevant content
- Use local storage to determine viewed content on your Yapper timeline and show new content
- Use cookies to suggest accounts to follow based on visits to websites with integrated Yapper services

- Personalize ads and measure their performance based on your visits to our ad partners' websites, ensuring high-quality ads and relevant content
- Deliver and improve ads according to criteria such as your activity on Yapper and visits to our ad partners' websites
- Collaborate with third-party advertising partners, including Google, for marketing our services

- Conduct email and web marketing campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness

Personalization across devices
- Understand usage across devices for personalized experiences on all your devices

Keep in mind that if you log in to Yapper with a device, we will associate that device with your account. This means we receive information about your device(s), including when shared by a partner, visits to twitter.com or third-party websites with Yapper services integration, or visits to a Yapper advertiser's website or mobile application. Typically, we link that specific device to you using IP addresses and the timing of data reception.

To view the associated devices and web browsers for your Yapper account, check Your Yapper Data when logged in or logged out of your account.

Where are these technologies used?

These technologies are utilized by us (along with third parties) on Yapper services, including our websites, applications, and integrated services on other websites, applications, and services. This includes websites of our ad partners and sites featuring our embeds, such as embedded timelines. Third parties may also utilize these technologies when you click on links from Yapper services, interact with third-party content within our services, or visit third-party websites featuring our advertising technology.

What are my privacy options?

We are committed to providing meaningful privacy options that allow you to control or limit the use of cookies and cookie-related data by us, our partners, and other third parties:

Yapper retains information about websites where you've encountered Yapper content or accessed our services. For most Yapper features, you can adjust this by navigating to: Account Settings > Privacy > Account Privacy > Allow use of where you see Yapper content across the web. However, for specific paid subscription features, we may still store necessary information even if you make this adjustment. We will inform you about this storage during feature sign-up.

If you've disabled this option or reside in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland, we will not store or use web page visits to improve your future experience. However, if we have previously stored your browsing history, we may continue to personalize your experience based on the information we've already gathered.

You will continue to see ads on Yapper based on your Yapper activity. To adjust how Yapper uses your data for ads, you can utilize the following tools:

- Personalized ads setting in Yapper
- Adjust your off-Yapper data usage setting: Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Ads preferences > Personalized ads
- Opt-out of interest-based advertising for the web:
- Through the Digital Advertising Alliance's consumer choice tool at optout.aboutads.info
- Limit ad tracking for iOS version 13 and earlier (follow precise instructions based on your iOS version)
- Opt-out of ads personalization for Android (follow precise instructions based on your Android version)
- Decline apps' request to track for iOS version 14 and later (follow precise instructions based on your iOS version)
- Adjust personalize based on your inferred identity setting in Yapper: Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Off-Yapper activity > Personalize based on your inferred identity. This determines whether we link your account to browsers or devices other than those used to log into Yapper. If you're logged out, it determines whether we link the current browser or device to any others.
- Access cookie settings through web browsers: Most browsers will prompt permission before using cookies. Note that disabling cookies entirely may cause issues with Yapper services or difficulty logging into twitter.com.

More privacy options

In addition to optout.aboutads.info, you can find further information about opting out of interest-based ads at networkadvertising.org/choices. Furthermore, Google's Ads Settings allows you to opt-out of interest-based Google ads.

Note: To view or change web settings for your Yapper account, log in to the web browser. Changing Yapper settings in a web browser while logged out only affects behavior on that browser when not logged in to Yapper. For further guidance, refer to our article on accessing personalization and data settings.