Update user general data

Please use this (https://yapper.social/mobile_api/gen_settings) API to update profile details of logged in user

Post parameters

Field Value Remarks
session_id Access token ID E.g. de25cc16eb00960f076...
first_name User user first name E.g. Mansur
last_name User user last name E.g. ATL
about User bio (Max 140 chars.) E.g. ATL
gender User gender (M/F/O/T) E.g. M
email User email address E.g. email@email.com
username User new username E.g. mansurTL
website User website URL E.g. https://yapper.social/
country_id User country ID E.g. 1 (United States)

Success response

    	"code": 200,
    	"message": "Profile data updated successfully",
    		"id": 7,
    		"first_name": "Mansur",
    		"last_name": "ATL",
    		"user_name": "sdf",
    		"email": "peters_roberts@gmail.com",
    		"is_verified": false,
    		"website": "",
    		"about_you": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur",
    		"gender": "M",
    		"country": "United States",
    		"post_count": 4061,
    		"ip_address": "",
    		"following_count": 1,
    		"follower_count": 3512,
    		"language": "english",
    		"last_active": "1 second ago",
    		"member_since": "July, 2020"

Error responses

        "code": 401,
        "data": [],
        "message": "Unauthorized Access"

    	"data": [],
    	"message": "",
    	"code": 400