Fetch Following Users

Please use this (https://yapper.social/mobile_api/fetch_following) API for accessing endpoint of user (following) list

Get parameters

Field Value Remarks
offset Last user offset ID This is only needed when loading users of the pagination system.
session_id ​Access token ID (Optional) E.g. de25cc16eb00960f076...
user_id ​User int ID E.g. 12
page_size ​Total users limit for each request Recommended: 20

Success response

        "code": 200,
        "message": "Following fetched successfully",
        "data": [
                "offset_id": 34,
                "id": 11,
                "about": "",
                "followers": 2,
                "posts": 0,
                "avatar": "http://colibri.loc/upload/avatars/xxx/xxx/AfPCXr9D7Gome6nAlwr...f15_thumbnail_512x512.png",
                "last_active": "12 Mar, 21 11:03 PM",
                "username": "@defgdfg",
                "fname": "Admin",
                "lname": "user",
                "email": "dfgdf@fdgdfg.com",
                "verified": "0",
                "follow_privacy": "everyone",
                "name": "Admin user",
                "url": "http:\/\/colibri.loc\/@defgdfg",
                "is_following": true,
                "follow_requested": false,
                "is_user": false

Error responses

        "message": "No data found",
        "code": 204,
        "data": []

        "code": 404,
        "message": "User with this ID does not exist",
        "data": []

        "code": 400,
        "message": "This profile data is not available for viewing",
        "data": []